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Thermal Epoxy (Adhesive)
Thermal epoxy or thermal adhesive is a two-component glue with added substances to improve thermal conductivity. It is very convenient for mounting heatsinks; performance is typically much better than thermal tape, but not as good as a thermal compound or thermal grease.

Arctic Silver thermal adhesive is the best thermal epoxy for use with GPU heatsinks, chipset heatsinks and RAM heatsinks. Thermal adhesives are a permanent solution, once the thermal epoxy sets there is no way of removing the heatsink.

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Phobya 2 Part Thermal Epoxy - 5g Phobya 2 Part Thermal Epoxy - 5g
Brand: Phobya  

The Phobya 2 Part Thermal Epoxy - 5g is a two part permanent solution to heatsinks and other cooling devices. Just mix 4 parts black to one part yellow and mix evenly. Once applied the epoxy will create a permanent bond.

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