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Akust PC Anti-Vibration Silencer Kit - Black (AV05-0001-AKS) Akust PC Anti-Vibration Silencer Kit - Black (AV05-0001-AKS)
Brand: Akust Technology  

The Chassis Silencer Kit includes all the rubber screws, rubber washers and rubber case feet needed to silence an normal computer case.

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FrozenCPU Multi-Screw Hardware Pack (OSB01) FrozenCPU Multi-Screw Hardware Pack (OSB01)
Brand: FrozenCPU  

The FrozenCPU Multi-Screw Hardware Pack is comprehensive collection of all of the standard hardware mounting screws used by cases and motherboards. Plus after you use all the screws you have this nifty splitting case that can keep track of small things like incredibly tiny penguins.

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