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PrimoChill PrimoPrep - Cooling Loop Pre-Treatment - 15mL
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This product has been extensively tested for use with PrimoChill Vue. At this time we only recommend using this product in preparation of your cooling loop for PrimoChill Vue.

This product has and is being tested with PrimoChill True as well as our other fluids but at this time we need to continue testing it to ensure its compatibility, so please refrain from using with any other fluids at this time.

Since making our first coolant in 2002, Primochill has always strived to make the coolant usage as simple and reliable as possible. A lot has changed in the water cooling industry since than, but one thing has stayed the same and it is our drive to make products better and easier to use as well to maintain.

Primochill PrimoPrepô was developed to address some of the most common issues that plague the computer water cooling industry. The mixes of metals in water cooling, from nickel plating to raw cooper and everything in between has always made some coolants not as reliable and simple to use.

PrimoPrep's unique formulation pre-treats your cooling loop to ensure compatibility with today high performance coolants as well as those incredible "Showcase Coolants". The pre-treatment helps control the fluctuation of the PH levels in your system caused by high levels of copper mostly from large capacity radiators. With this treatment it also prepares the system for use of coolants in a mix metal closed loop environment leaving the guesswork a thing of the past.

Storage is recommend in a dark, cool room not to exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit PrimoChill is not responsible for any damage caused by or when using this product, please use at your own risk.

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