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How do I contact FrozenCPU by the telephone?

We are currently unable to answer calls, Please email: [email protected].

Toll Free Office Line: 1.877.243.8266
Local Office Line: 1.585.218.0120

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 12AM - 5PM

I emailed support a rather lengthy technical question and did not get a response?
We are no longer staffed to answer technical questions.

I emailed support the following question- "can you tell me what liquid cooling is all about"? I did not receive a reply.
There are thousands of articles on liquid cooling all over the internet and we simply receive way too many emails per day to write a dissertation on the topic. Google is your friend.

I have a question/concern and I cannot call the office, who should I email?
Please see our Contact Us page.

What do I do if I called and no one answers?

Our business hours are 12pm-5PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday-Friday. We are currently unable to answer phones, Please email: [email protected].