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How do I contact FrozenCPU by the telephone?

You can reach us at the following phone numbers:

Toll Free Office Line: 1.877.243.8266
Local Office Line: 1.585.218.0120
24 Hour Fax Line: 1.585.218.0125

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 12AM - 5PM. Please try to contact us within those hours.

I emailed support a rather lengthy technical question and did not get a response?
Long drawn out email detailing specs of your machine followed by what liquid cooling products you should buy are impossible and too time consuming to answer over email. Please call us toll free with questions ready so we can quickly get you the correct answers and give you advice.

I emailed support that I have Dell/Gateway/Emachine/or X Brand computer and need a replacement fan/psu/cpu cooler and did not receive a response?
FrozenCPU does not have model numbers of these OEM brands and does not know the exact hardware that you have. Please have photos ready or technical documentation from the manufacturer. FrozenCPU needs to know things such as:
-What socket type your motherboard has for a CPU cooler.
-How much CPU height clearance does your case have.
-Are you looking to overclock?
-What is your price range?
For questions relating to replacement fans for your Dell/Gateway/Origin/X brand computer we will need to know what size fan fits your case (120mm, 140mm etcetera)
*Please note, computer fans are NOT measured in inches!

I emailed support the following question- "can you tell me what liquid cooling is all about"? I did not receive a reply.
There are thousands of articles on liquid cooling all over the internet and we simply receive way too many emails per day to write a dissertation on the topic. Google is your friend.

I have a question/concern and I cannot call the office, who should I email?
Please see our Contact Us page.

What do I do if I called and no one answers?

Our business hours are 12pm-5PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday-Friday. We may answer phone calls outside the business hours as sometimes we may stay late but an answer past our official business hours is not guaranteed. Mondays are extremely busy for us as all of the weekend orders flood in but we will still do our best to respond to any customer questions/concerns.

What do I do if I email one of your staff and I get no reply?

Our staff responds to emails during normal business hours and our response time is generally within 24 hours. Response times are also generally dependant on the content of the email. If you do have a question, please check our Help Center to see if you can find an answer. 90% of questions can normally be found in the Help Center.