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Can I use my Credit Card or Debit Card if I live outside the U.S.?
We do not currently accept credit card or debit card payments for international orders. PayPal is the preferred payment for international orders. Bank Wire Transfers or Western Union are also acceptable forms of payment - please contact Lori ([email protected]) or call us at 585.218.0120 to arrange.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship to every country but the following:

Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

If you are having issues with ordering Internationally through our site, you may contact [email protected] and pay via bank wire transfer or Western Union.

How do I calculate international shipping rates?

To calculate international shipping rates, please create an account on our website, fill your shopping cart with the interested items and then proceed to the checkout page to select your shipping destination and shipping rate. At the bottom of the page will be your shipping price. Please do NOT click the submit order button if you are just trying to get a shipping quote.

Important Shipping Notes:
Standard UPS Ground shipping to Canada requires added brokerage fees above the quoted shipping fee that need to be paid by the customer before they can receive the package. With UPS Air Shipping the brokerage fees are waived and the shipping cost is as quoted.

I live in Canada, what about Duty/Customs/Brokerage/PST/Duty Disbursement fees?

Upon delivery of your shipment you are required to pay any and all fees associated with your shipment.

UPS will charge you an import fee (Duty, GST-Customs, Brokerage, PST, and/or Duty Disbursement) if shipping through UPS Standard. Upon delivery of your shipment you will be required to pay these fees in order to receive your shipment. UPS Worldwide Express shipping methods are faster and cover some, but not all of these fees.

USPS shipping is available for Canadian customers to also help avoid some, but not all, import fees.

This link may help you decide which method you want to choose and show you a ballpark figure of what it would cost:

If you refuse to pay these fees and not accept the shipment, FrozenCPU will ONLY refund the cost of the product minus a 20% restocking fee. We will not refund the shipping cost paid at the time of the order.

Due to the fact that these are government fees FrozenCPU can not waive or refund these fees.

See also Canadian Shipping Policy.

If I live outside of North America and I placed an order, how do I track my package?

If you had your package shipped via UPS, a tracking number will be provided to you via email. If you selected USPS Priority or Express mail, we will email you the Express Mail Tracking or other pertinent tracking available.

If I live outside of North America, what are my shipping options?

FrozenCPU offers UPS Worldwide Shipping and the United States Postal Service (USPS) which offers significantly less expensive shipping rates. To check international shipping rates, please use the checkout page.

If I live outside of the US and I can't pay by PayPal, what other options do I have?

You may order and pay via Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union. There is a $35.00 fee for a bank wire transfer and $10.00 fee for Western Union.

Please contact Lori at [email protected] or 585.218.0120 to arrange your order.

Why is my country not on your list?
Some countries have been removed due to high incidences of fraud.

You may contact us and pay via Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union if you wish to order from a country that does not appear on our list.