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Is the FrozenCPU website secure?

You bet it is: FrozenCPU encrypts all personal and financial information using 128-bit encryption technology through our secured server. One the information is received, only authorized FrozenCPU employees will be able to access your information. We take every step to safeguard our customer's information. is tested quarterly by Security Metrics to ensure that high security standards are maintained.

Why does FrozenCPU have a stringent verification process?

For the sake of the credit card holders and for the company's own protection, FrozenCPU has put into place the best security measures against fraud. We scrutinize each order for validity and use many different security measures to reduce fraudulent transactions.

For all international orders, we do not accept credit card payments - PayPal is preferred, though Bank Wire Transfers and Western Union are also accepted. To arrange a wire transfer, please contact Lori ([email protected]) or call us at 585.218.0120.

Why was my credit card declined?

There are many reasons under which a credit card can be declined. When this happens, the card holders needs to contact the bank directly to find out the reason and correct the problem. FrozenCPU has no access to this information.