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Does FrozenCPU do Custom System Building?
No we do not, but we do have a company we recommend:

AVADirect Custom Computers

When we need a custom rig built up for our office or warehouse, one of our first places to turn to is AVADirect. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, AVADirect builds to quality computers of all kinds, from Notebooks to Servers. We always know that they can build a rig to our specifications, no matter how strange the request, and always at a competitive price.

Large computer retailers make money by standardizing their designs and selling the same computer over and over. Customers are not informed about any of the parts that are used to make their computer, and they usually have very few real customization options. AVADirect not only helps you decide which is the best motherboard to use, they help you design a complete computer system that is customized for your tasks. As a result, you as a customer receive a computer that was built specifically for you, instead of a mass marketed computer that is built for anyone who buys it.

AVADirect Custom Computers - providing the finest quality custom PC's, workstations, notebooks and servers with the widest selection of components and the lowest prices.