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Altering or Cancelling an Order
To cancel or modify an order, DO NOT EMAIL, PLEASE CALL US. The reason for this is because we receive a massive volume of emails during non-business hours (and weekends) and in most cases our warehouse staff processes these before our Customer Service team is able to get to them. For anything time sensitive, we suggest calling us as soon as possible (during business hours). We will always try our best to intercept orders when possible, but our warehouse staff does work outside of office hours to ensure our same-day shipping policy.

I work for a PC Hobbyist/Hardware Review site, could I get a product sample to review?

Once again, FrozenCPU does not respond to product review requests for PC Hobbyist/Hardware Revies sites. We will contact a website if we are interested in having one of our products reviewed.

I work for/run a huge LAN Party, can I get FrozenCPU to sponsor us?

Currently FrozenCPU does not respond to sponsorship requests for LAN Parties or computer gaming events. We will contact a Lan Party or gaming interest directly if we are interested in sponsoring it.

Does FrozenCPU ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, we at FrozenCPU strongly support the men and women in our armed forces and all their PC cooling and modification needs. We will indeed ship to all APO/FPO/Military addresses via USPS.