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Alphacool Eiswolf 120 GPX Pro Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN X Pascal M02 - Black (11409)
Part #: ex-wat-377
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The Alphacool Eiswolf GPX Pro is the world's first prefilled water cooler for graphics cards with integrated pump.

Alphacool sets to minimize the pump noise and increase performance at the pump in a completely new design. The sucking pump is born. By sucking principle arise in water less turbulence for a more even flow. Thus, the pump is almost inaudible. A novelty on the AiO market.

The cooler comes naturally with a backplate therefore which is connected to the assembly directly to the condenser, and thus ensures better heat transfer and distribution. Thereby the cooling capacity is significantly increased. In addition, this also the appearance is improved because the PCB of the graphics card from the side is barely visible yet. Only an opening for the power connections and SLI / CrossFire connector remain naturally detached. The radiator is also modular. Should you buy a new graphics card does not have the complete coolers are newly acquired. Only the aluminum part must be replaced. here Alphacools offers special upgrade kits. Thus they reduce your costs at the next changeover. This is also unique in the AIO segment.

The hoses and connections are also based on classic water cooling components. The tube is covered with Smartcoils and has the size of 11 / 8mm. The terminals rely on the classic G1 / 4 "threads and can be exchanged for other models or sizes if desired therefore easy.

With the two quick release fasteners, the cooler can be easily integrated into any cooling circuit. If they use the Alphacool Eisbaer CPU AIO water cooling, they can join together on the quick-release fasteners with this Eiswolf GPX Pro easy. With the Polar they also have a redundant system then they have two pumps in the circuit. If you cant expect a turn, the second pump is to obtain the cooling circuit capable. This is security at the highest level.

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