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PrimoChill Vue Premix w/PrimoPrep (32oz) - UV Powder Blue
Part #: liq-420_UVPB
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Product Description   Features   Specifications    
PrimoChillís Vue was specifically developed for that experienced user looking to create an unrivaled aesthetic in their liquid cooled PC. Itís an environmentally friendly fluid that combats issues typically seen in other watercooling fluids. Vue's exclusive water-based formulation allows it to stay suspended longer allowing longevity and an easy flush to any system. With its unique visual traits, Vue is sure to bring another dimension to any loop.

We strive to provide the most accurate photos for color representation. With this in mind, different lighting, viewing monitors and screen resolutions, as well as settings may give a different variation of the actual color. PrimoChill cannot accept returns on coolant based on perceived color.
WARNING: Use of this product with aluminum components (such as aluminum constructed radiators) is not recommended and will void the fluid warranty. PrimoChill will not support or replace fluids used with an aluminum component including radiators.

VUE is a water-based formulation that if left to the elements can freeze. Please keep this in mind when deciding on delivery service.

We highly recommend visiting as it is continually updated with known compatibility issues.

*Additives / Fluids: VUE (same color only).
*Do not mix ANY additional additives, coolants or silver coils with Vue. This will change the formulation of Vue causing undesirable results.
*Vue is NOT compatible with Mayhems Pastel fluid. Results may vary even after a full system flush if your loop previously had Mayhems pastel.
*Not compatible with any aluminum components including radiators.
*Safe to use with all rubber gaskets, acrylic tubing, pvc tubing, petg tubing, glass tubing, as well as nickel and copper components.
*Use of certain cleaners and coolants (such as Mayhems Blitz,Thermaltake C1000 or EK Cryofuel) in your loop prior to VUE require extensive cleaning due to coating of the components. Vue should be used at your own risk only after extensive cleaning.

Known incompatible components include but NOT limited to:

*Any Wetted Aluminum
*Thermaltake Brand - Radiators
*EK Aluminum Kits
*Enermax - NEOChanger Reservoir

Helpful Vue facts & Full Disclosure

Vue is a great product with an incredible appearance but there are some things you should be aware of before using Vue. Most importantly it that it has this great (or not so great) ability to find debris in a system. Once it finds the debris, it likes to stick to it and likes to build up. Jaytwocents had so much success with his Vue because he has taken such good care of his waterblocks as well as the other cooling components. He cleans them out by hand between each loop and tears them apart looking for any issues whether it is oil or whatever other debris may be left behind. That is why it is SO important to have a spotless system when using Vue.

Adding Vue to the system also requires more work than just pouring it in, but a spotless loop is by far the most critical. We will discuss this a little later on.

Will you get build up? Hard to say as we do not know how well your system is maintained and what was ran through the system prior, or what manufacturing residue could have been left over. One thing we have recently determined is that CyroFuel is leaving a residue behind that cannot be cleaned with normal flushing. What else we know is that spotless loops have zero issues running Vue perfectly.

We want you to enjoy Vue and be set up for success so we are providing full disclosure on what we have found.

Why is Vue coolant not for me?

*I want a simple maintenance free loop
*I'm a First-time watercooler
*My PC is always on and I don't put it to sleep or turn it off ever.
*I donít have time to watch system for issues
*I have aluminum water cooling components


*I'm an Experienced Water Cooler
*I Can trouble shoot issues and find solutions
*I'm okay with opening blocks for cleaning
*I'm okay with rebuilding loops after issues
*I Use my pc for 6-8 hours a day

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