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Barrow Full CoverFounder ver.1080Ti/Titan/1070Ti/1060 Water Cooling Block (BS-NVG1080T-PA)
Part #: ex-blc-3060
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Barrow BS-NVG1080T-PA LRC RGB v1/v2 Full Cover Graphics Card Water Cooling Block for Founder ver.1080Ti/Titan/1070Ti/1060

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Add RGB conversion cable
 RGB Conversion Cable (Barrow to Standard)RGB Conversion Cable (Barrow to Standard)
Product is made to order may not be ready if purchased towards end of shipping day This cable will allow you to plug a Barrow 5v RGB device into a standard 3pin 5v RGB motherboard or controller. *** This is a hand made item product may vary or undergo changes without notice*** USING THIS CABLE MAY VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

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