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FrozenQ Limited Edition NovaCore Extreme Reservoir with Black Rails (Blue)
Part #: ex-res-859
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Take your water-cooled system to the next level with the new Limited Edition NovaCore Extreme Reservoir. The reservoir, at 12.45" long, is not shy on volume, and the internal UV cathode will light up any UV reactive coolant resulting in a very unique lighting effect through the accent rails. The reservoir is made using high quality CNC machined acetal (POM) caps, an extended cycle annealed polycarbonate tube, and finished off with matte acrylic accent rails. The reservoir has 3 total ports, one on the top as a fill port, and two below as the inlet and outlet. However, the port configuration can be changed, and the reservoir can even be laid on it's side. The reservoir requires a cathode inverter to power the UV light, which is included with the product.

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