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Xigmatek WindpowerPRO RGB CPU Cooler (EN44276)
Part #: cpu-xig-01
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Windpower Pro black anodize finish,twin AT120 ARGB fan and ARGB LED top cover.

A single 3-pin addressable RGB connection handles the lighting for all three elements, those being two fans and the heatsink's top-plate. The RGB on this CPU cooler is extensive from the RGB top-plate along with an RGB ring on each fan, allowing this CPU cooler to light up your PC case and components effectively.

The fans, the XIGMATEK Galaxy II Pro ARGB fans, have a variable speed from anywhere 800 to 1,800 RPM, pushing up to 58.5 CFM of air, and at max speed, these fans produce a noise level of up to 25.3 dBA. To offer these relatively quiet but fast fans, these fans feature 50,000-hour rated hydrodynamic bearings.

The XIGMATEK WindpowerPRO measures 110 mm x 125 mm x 157 mm (LxWxH). This includes top-plate and fans in-place. The company states that the thermal capacity at 200-watt, the supported CPU sockets are AMD's AM4, and Intel's LGA115x and LGA2066.

•Ultra-Efficient Thermal Heat-Pipe and Patented Xigmatek H.D.T.(Heat-Pipe Direct Touch) Technology
•High Performance Heat Dissipation & Air Flow
•Black Anodize Finish 6 Pipes Heatsink & Reinforced Metal Backplate
•Support Latest Intel & AMD CPU & Motherboard
•Colorful ARGB LED Top Cover
•Xigmatek Dual Galaxy II Pro ARGB Fan
•Top Cover & Dual Fan Support ARGB MB SYNC & Galaxy II Fan Control Box
•Smart PWM 800~1800 RPM for High Performance Air Flow
• Long Life Hydro Bearing & MTBF up to 50,000 Hours
• Silent Operation at 25.3 dBA

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