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PrimoChill True Blood Red (PC-T8-BR) (8oz)
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True is a concentrated coolant solution that alleviates stress and concern over possible leaks in your next watercooling system. It provides significant benefits of increased performance and aesthetics without the headaches. True delivers continuous protection against algae and corrosion and is safe for all your PC components. Whether you're new to watercooling, or a seasoned pro, True is the coolant for you.


*Repeatable chemistry for True colors every time.
*Ready to mix with DI water and add to your system.
*Safe on all plastics, rubbers, miscellaneous gasket materials, and acrylic.
*Water-based pre-mix concentrate solution.
*Cleanest coolant formulation in the water cooling industry.
*Preservative and APE free.
*Contains special inhibiting ingredients to prevent sludge build-up of algae and galvanic corrosion.


Bottle Size: 8 fluid ounces
Shelf Life: 2 years (from purchase date, unopened)
Mix Ratio: 1 gallon of DI Water*
*Deionized water (sold separately) offers low conductivity. Distilled is also acceptable, but will result in a more conductive coolant.

Parts Included

PrimoChill True - 8oz (makes 1 gallon of coolant)
PrimoPrep - 2oz (makes 32oz+)


Do not mix ANY additional additives, coolants or silver coils, or different colors of True. This will change the formulation of True causing undesirable results, including sludging and breaking apart.

The use of this product with aluminum components (such as aluminum constructed radiators) is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED and will void the warranty. PrimoChill will not support or replace fluids used with an aluminum radiator

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