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Mayhems XTR Nano Tech Premixed Coolant 1 Litre - UV Green
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Mayhems XTR has been developed from the ground up over several years in conjunction with UK universities and Nanomaterial scaleup manufacturers in the UK. It is a cumulation of new high end nanomaterial advancement and manufacturing that has taken years of work to get to where it is now. Unlike any other coolant in our industry, it contains no Glycols or inhibitors.

The Nanomaterial that has been developed to utilise very specific products that naturally create an inhibition effect without ever needing to keep infusing it with extras to make it work. This along with its natural light blocking ability make the coolant perfect for long term use.

The mean Nano size at mass scale production level is 4nm (nanometre) making it one the smallest mass-produced coolants ever created and is a truly ground-breaking product.

The formulation can be adjusted in house to accumulated sub-zero cooling and various other forms of cooling and is scalable beyond anything we have done in the past.


- 4nm multi nanomaterial.

- No glycols used in its production.

- 100% light blocking characteristics.

- Long term, long lasting coolant.

- Adjustable inhouse to accommodate different abilities.

- 100% UK Made and produced.

Before Using Mayhems XTR Range

The system must be fully cleaned using the Mayhems blitz cleaning system. There must be no other coolants left in the system.

Care and Maintenance:

- Every 1 to 2 years empty the coolant from the system and pour though a paper coffee filter to remove any debris. Flush the system through with ultra-Pure H20 then empty. Re add the Mayhems XTR Premix topping up with extra Mayhems XTR if needs be

- If the level of your coolant decreases due to precipitation just add Mayhems Ultra-pure water to bring it back up the level it was in the first place. Do not add more than what you had in the first place, doing so will create an imbalance.

- There may be some fall out of the coolant. This should pick back up when the system is turned on.


- If you spill Mayhems XTR clean it up immediately with a damp cloth and then dry surrounding area with a dry cloth. Never leave the fluid to dry out in a system, it will harden and be extremely difficult to remove.

- Contains “Zinc Oxide” Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. See SDS for more information.

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