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Swiftech MCP655-B 12v Water Pump
Part #: ex-pmp-204
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The MCP655 pump is now available with G1/4 threads! We at have cut down the housing, drilled out the ports and tapped them to a G1/4 thread so you can use any of the industry standard fittings. Not only does this enlarge the compatibility of the pump to different size fittings, it also enlarges the exit port increasing flow rates.

In response to the overwhelming demand for a quieter MCP650, Swiftech is proud to introduce the new MCP655 pump, which features several key improvements.

Considerably reduced audible operating noise: the high pitch frequency of the MCP655 is now eliminated thanks to a new chipset controller.

Head and flow characteristics have slightly improved in the midrange

The MCP655 pump is a high reliability, high pressure industrial pump, featuring a 50,000 hour MTBF (5 year lifetime). Such reliability is afforded by the unique design of this pump, which contains only one moving part: the magnetically driven spherical impeller spins on a single ceramic bearing, thus extending the life of this pump beyond existing standards.

The pump is completely plug-and-play, and connects directly to any computer power-supply through standard 4 pin power connectors. It's compact design, quiet and powerful motor make it ideally suited for heavy duty cooling in environments where space is at a premium.

Flow - Pressure - Performance Chart

Note: 3/8" ID Conversion Kit is supplied unassembled.

Users are reminded that disassembling their pump for any reason, including for the purpose of upgrading the housing, automatically voids the pump warranty. (Excludes Swiftech Pump Accessories)

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