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PURE Premix Distilled Coolant - UV Red
Part #: ex-liq-531
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XSPC PURE is a clean, eco-friendly coolant for PC water-cooling. Its based on a refined 8 stage, triple distilled water blend with non-toxic corrosion inhibitors, and long life non-toxic dyes (except clear which contains no dyes).

It offers market leading protection for copper, brass, steel, nickel, aluminum and is safe to use on acetal and acrylic plastics.

PURE has an extremely low electrical conductivity and with its range of intense colours it's the perfect coolant for PC water-cooling.

- 100% Pre-mix coolant, ready to use as soon as it arrives.
- PURE 8 stage, triple distilled base.
- Superb corrosion inhibitors to protect metals such as Copper, Nickel, Brass, Steel and Aluminium tested to BS5117 and 6580:2010 standards
- Slow release long life, loop stabiliser
- Pump Friendly (non-clogging)
- Safe to use on PVC, EPDM, PETG, Acrylic and Metal Tubing
- Low electrical conductivity (<2S/cm at 30C)
- 3 Year shelf life (unopened with seal in tact/ not in direct sunlight)
- Can be disposed via general household greywater waste
- Glycol free, Non-Toxic and RoHS Compliant

Usage Directions:
Systems containing Solder, Copper, Nickel, Brass or Steel are fine to be mixed in the same loop. PURE offers full protection.

Systems containing Aluminium MUST NOT be mixed with any other metal. PURE offers full protection for Aluminium on its own.

Classification - Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP)
Physical and chemical hazards: Not classified as a physical or chemical hazard
Human health: Not classified as a health hazard
Environment: Not classified as an environmental hazard

Note: While this is a Distilled water product, we do not sell this as drinking water. DO NOT INGEST

Made in the UK - Safe to mix with XSPC RECOLOUR Dyes - Glycol free

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