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Lian Li OH-01 OH-01A Silver Anti-Vibration HDD Mounting Kit
Part #: scr-146
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Product Description   Specifications    
Lian Li is considered the benchmark in the housing construction and offers a collectionof understated elegance, build quality and authoritative, full-featured. To the dedicationof this precious collection permanently ensure the Taiwanese manufacturer also offers a comprehensive range of spare parts.

This includes this set. It is the fast and vibration-absorbing mounting internal drives in a variety of Lian-Li and Lancool packages. For this purpose the silver screws with attached rubber rings are simply screwed to the HDDs and pushed them into the slotsprovided.

It will support HDD bays with locking mechanism, as in K58, K62 and PC 7FN, PC60FN are installed.

Technical details:
- Color: Silver (screws), black (rubber rings)
- Contents: 20 pieces (enough for 5 drive slots)
- Compatibility: Lian Li and Lancool housing with lockable HDD bay
- Examples of compatibility Lian Li PC-7FN, PC 60FN
- Compatibility Lancool examples: K58, K62

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