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Thermalright VRM-R5 VGA Voltage Regulator Cooler (ATI HD 5870/5850)
Part #: vid-145
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Voltage regulators can run especially hot on late model VGA cards (ATI 5870 & 5850), upwards of 100-120 degrees C. Thus, Thermalright created a cooling solution to help stabilize VGA overclocking. Both of the VRM heatsinks share the same compatibility information (ATI 5870 & 5850). The Thermalright VRM-R5 VGA Voltage Regulator Cooler is specifically designed to be used along side a Thermalright Spitfire Cooler.

Compatible Cooler : Thermalright Spitfire
Compatible VGA CARD : ATI HD 5870/5850 VGA Card
(only compatible with Stock PCB design / Reference design)

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