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Tygon Silver Antimicrobial Tubing - 3/8" ID (1/2" OD) - Silver (AS600027)
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Tygon brand tubing is the finest in quality for water cooling tubing available. This 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD model of tubing is specifically formulated to withstand aging, corrosion and kinking/bending. (wall thickness 1/16" / total wall thickness 1/8")

What makes Tygon brand tubing famous is it's extreme flexibility. Compared to regular PVC tubing, Tygon tubing will not bend at a much greater angle and still maintain 100% flow which makes this tubing simply ideal for the close quarters of a water cooled case.

Tygon Silver Antimicrobial Tubing is formulated with a silver based compound on the inner surface at the point of fluid contact; the tubing outer surface can be treated in cases where bacterial buildup on the O.D. is a concern.

Microorganisms are living cells so small that most can only be seen with a microscope -- they are a type of microorganism found everywhere and include bacteria, fungi and algae. Growth of microbes on many materials can lead to foul odors, discoloration and formation of mildew and biofilm. In the case of tubing, microbes can contaminate the material being transferred, as well as degrade the tubing itself.

Each quantity ordered equals 1 foot in length. For example, if a quantity of 3 is ordered, we will send you a 3 foot length.

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