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DEMCiflex Graphics Card Magnetic Dust / Fan Filter - VGA Card Fan - (Steel / Aluminum / Plastic)
Part #: ffi-53
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DEMCiflex Computer Air Filter is the easiest of all Computer Air Filters to use. No need for any skills. No Glue, No Screws, No Tools and No Hassles. All you have to do is to locate your computer's air intake vents. Use a sheet of paper to see if any particular fan draws air into the case or blows it out. All inlet fans and un-fanned openings can be protected by DEMCiflex.

These filter are magnetic and will attach themselves to the metal strip that is supplied. Simply stick and peel the strip and your filter is ready to install!

in a Special filter designed to keep the dust out of your video cards! This fits most modern video cards that use a blower type cooler. Check measurements in specifications to be sure. This has a very small magnetic ring and so you may think it will not hold but with the added suction of the blower is holds perfectly!

Black Border / Black Mesh

To maximize the benefits of DEMCiflex filters please refer to their page on Positive Pressure .

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