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Phobya LED Flex Light 18 Count SMD LED Light Strip - 60cm - Multicolor RGB (83120)
Part #: lit-293
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The Multicolor RGB version of the Flex light can do amazing effects with the controller. Check the videos!

The Phobya LED Flex Light is the absolute highlight for modding! They make your computer a unique eye-catcher! The Flex Light band has integrated SMD LEDs that can illuminate the farthest corners of your chassis while creating the brightest color you have ever seen. The use of SMD LEDs makes the band extremely power-efficient and keeps a cooler temperature during operation that standard LEDs. The Flexlight is also waterproof and can withstand very strong shocks and are not prone to easy breakage. The quality of these bands is absolutely outstanding, which is the reason they they are so versatile and durable!

Important The IR remote is REQUIRED for usage and available in the options below. Three strips can be powered from one remote!

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