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Alphacool Heatmaster II Liquid Cooling PCB Control Board (26153)
Part #: bus-285
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The new generation of cooling control from Alphacool: The Heatmaster II

The new Alphacool Heatmaster II was developed in Germany over multiple years, and has continuously been improved considering the experiences from the first version. Hence we are now, after a development and testing period of almost 3 years, able to present the best Heatmaster of all times!

The whole manufacturing process is done in Germany, ensuring highest quality of manufacturing and stringent quality control.

Alphacool’s Heatmaster 2 board is more than just a simple control and monitoring unit. It is the central component for a multitude of optional expansions and possibilities, some of which are already available and many are currently being developed! With this controller module you are making a step towards the future!

Power supply:
The unit draws power via the proven and reliable 4-Pin Molex power connection to the computer’s PSU. Simply connect a 4-Pin PSU connector the board and the unit can be started up!

Data transfer:
The data transfer from and to the Heatmaster respectively the corresponding software is achieved via an internal USB connection cable. It is extremely important to ensure the right polarity of this connection to prevent damage to your hardware or Heatmaster. More information is provided in the Operating manual on page 10.

Fan channels:
6 individual channels allow connection, control and monitoring of a large number of fans. Each channel can put out up to 30W of power, hence even allowing multiple fans to be connected (depending on the fan type).

Pumps / flow rate sensors:
3 additional channels allow connection of multiple fans or also flow rate sensors. The sensor can be monitored with the Heatmaster II. Control of the pumps is also possible by connecting the optionally available analogue adaptor (not included) parallel to a fan channel. In this configuration the 10W limit must still be observed. By adaptation it is possible to connect a wide array of pumps and flow rate sensors.

Download Manual (.zip)

Download Software (.zip)

This unit has been tested to handle up to 30W per channel! Larger loads may need active cooling (fan)!

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