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PrimoChill Base - High Purity Deionized Water - 32oz. - UV Blue (PC-BASE232-UB)
Part #: ex-liq-323
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PrimoChill has taking pride over the last 10 years in making the finest coolant products for the avid modder and overclocker, and the tradition continues with our latest release, PC Base Intensifiedô. It has been updated with our new Intensifierô line of water-based dyes, to give you the most intense looking and glowing coolant on the market today. This fluid product line is for the Do It Yourself looking to make their own coolant but need a solid foundation to build it from..
High Purity Deionized Water, no chemical, no additive an excellent source to start your own coolant creation.coolant for your PC. If you are a DIY geek looking for an affordable,High Purity Deionized Water, Pre-dyed base, the ONLY solution is PC Base Intensifiedô. The name hasnít changed, the performance is still top notch, the cost is still outstanding, leaving PC Base Intensifiedô ounce for ounce STILL your best choice.

Caution: As with all cooling fluids, PC Base Intensifiedô can become conductive if it comes in contact with dust or other fluids that may be conductive. Proper maintenance is needed with any and all cooling fluids. It is always a good idea to keep your system clean and free of dust, especially in a water cooled system. PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk!

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