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MaxFinder Triple Braided 24-Pin Motherboard Extension Cable - 25cm - White / Blue (MF-WBM-A24-25)
Part #: cab-1041
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The MaxFinder Triple Braided 24-Pin Motherboard Extension Cables also known as M.Mod cables are out of this world. Every detail has been accounted for in quality and looks. If you simply need any old cable these are NOT for you. If you are looking for the absolute top of the line cable that is flashy and sharp to boot then these are for you.

The MaxFinder series use a stable gauge of wire to ensure proper current threshold. (16AWG, S-ATA Cables 18AWG, Fan Cables 20 to 24 AWG) these cables utilize what MaxFinder refers to as NSI Technology (Non-Shrinkage Integration Technology) when able.

This leaves a perfect seal of the sleeving to the wire and also creates the cleanest look entering the connector. The sleeving itself is a triple braided polyester material that provided the highest density making the wire itself COMPLETELY invisible. This leaves you with pure color!

All MaxFinder cables are made from self developed and manufacturer sleeve and are 99% hand crafted.

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