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Pre-Set Thermal Controller - 4 x 3-Pin Output (Rev 4) (On at 88F / OFF at 81F)
Part #: ele-1138
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Product Description   Specifications    
Designed to work with a 100-240v 12/5v External Power Supply or any standard computer supply to power 12v devices.
This controller has 2 functions.
1. Continuously power up to 2000ma (2A) worth of devices when the switch is in the up position (top green led will be lit)
2. Thermally control up to 2000ma (2A) worth of devices when the back switch is in the bottom position, when the temperature is >=88F(31C) it will power on the 3pin ports and stay powered on until the temperature falls below 81F(27C)
3. Switch in up position turns fan always On

This switch fits into a precut slot measuring 68mm x 38mm. This makes for an easy DIY project for cabinet cooling and other enclosure cooling needs.

If you are using this outside of a computer you must use a power supply that has both 12v and 5v power in order for it to function properly.

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