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PrimoChill Intensifier Transparent Fluid Dye - UV Pink (IBT-UPK)
Part #: ex-liq-314
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Whether you are an avid gamer, overclocker or a DIY modder, PrimoChill’s New Intensifier™ Coolant Dyes have been catered for your ever growing color needs. Primochill uses the strongest and most powerful industrial dyes available and combines them with 10 years of mixology experience to make the brightest and most vivid coolant dyes to date.
PrimoChill Intensifier™ coolant dyes have been carefully reformulated into smaller batches to insure the highest quality and consistency from batch to batch. Each batch is “Intensely” inspected and tested for consistent color, signs of contamination that may have occurred during the manufacturing process, effects of temperature extremes, and any sign of degradation. This vigorous testing is performed in a real world environment with the latest cooling hardware.
Over the last decade, PrimoChill has strived to provide the water-cooing community quality products that inspire our customers. Intensifier™ Coolant Dyes are the next generation of cool. Get Creative!

Warning Intensifier™ Coolant Dyes are EXTREMELY CONCENTRATED and if not diluted will permanently stain clothing and any other porous material. Staining of tubing is known to happen and will change the appearance of the fluid color overtime. Darker Dyes will dye tubing much quicker than lighter dyes. Time frame is different from system to system. Storage is recommended in a dark and cool room not to exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. PrimoChill is not responsible for any damage caused by or when using this product. Please use at your own risk.

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