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Premium Chipsink w/ 3M-8810 Adhesive - 12mm x 8mm x 10mm - Silver
Part #: vid-219
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The Passive Premium Chipsink w/ 3M-8810 Adhesive - 12mm x 8mm x 10mm is designed for circuit board chips but can be used for just about anything. These passive heatsinks, specifically designed to correctly cool chips integrated into motherboards, such as: frequency generators (PLL), power supply regulators (MOSFET), peripheral control chipsets (SouthBridge) and integrated controllers (RAID, SATA). These coolers so that they can be easily installed on the above components when the motherboard is purchased. These components do not generally have adequate cooling systems and are always subjected to intense heat during system overclock and overvolt. The high quality, heat-conducting double-sided sticky tape allows for speedy application and maximum heat transferral.

Sold as single heatsink.

Heatsink comes with 3M-8810 heat transfer tape adhesive on the base from the factory.

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