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Aquacomputer Aquaduct 240 ECO Mark II External Water Cooling System (11231)
Part #: ex-wat-292
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The aquaduct 240 eco mark II is the combination of high quality components with a very good performance at a reasonable price. Main objectives of the development was a compelling design and a cooling capacity that sets standards at a very good price-performance ratio. All this was achieved with the aquaduct eco series. It is very easy to handle, secure and extremely compact. names giving element is a kind of bridge, over which the water runs and then falls down on the other side. The aquaduct is a combination of passive and active radiator, which combine the advantages of both technologies in one product. To make the aquaduct as maintainable as possible, large water tanks were integrated into the cooling profiles. This minimizes necessity of the water on the annual maintenance. The aquaduct 240 eco mark II includes a microprocessor controlled 12 V pump, a dual-radiator and also a to the special requirements of the external water cooling control electronics. The free aquasuite 2012 Software provides intuitive configuration and monitoring of the aquaduct. Compared to eco + series of functions of the electronics are in the eco-series, however, limited: There are no temperature displayed and the fan can be controlled manually. The adjustment is made ​​via USB from the aqua suite software. A control for water temperature, eg it is not possible. For installation in the PC a PCI (e) slot bracket is included. About this is the aquaduct power. To supply the circuit board a free power connector of the PC power supply is needed. A tachometer signal output with artificially generated tachometer signal, it also allows for example to realize about the BIOS of the mainboard an emergency shutdown of the PC. Moreover, two cutouts allow the slot bracket the simple implementation of the plug & cool water hoses into the housing interior. , in the case of an alarm (user configurable) may be issued a warning tone from the instrument. In addition, the PC can be switched off via the tachometer signal. The alarm evaluation is extensive and of course also includes a temperature and fan monitoring.

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