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Alphacool Lighttower All-in-One Reservoir / Pump Combo w/ Alphacool VPP OT12 Pump - Black
Part #: ex-pmp-296
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Price: $159.99
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Product Description   Specifications    
The Alphacool “Lighttower” reservoir leads to a new way of design and function. Though most reservoirs are only compatible with one or few pumps, this reservoir can be used with multiple pumps or be used even without a pump. This maximum of flexibility comes from the intelligent construction. If the reservoir needs to be fixed with screws, there are already 4 M4 threads available in the bottom of the reservoir (screws must be ordered separately)

The inlet:
In the image you can see 2 threads on the right side. The lower one is the inlet. From there the water flows into the inside tube, then to the top of it and from there with multiple small spots to the inside wall of the big outside tube to run down to the water basin. With the intelligent construction (LED light coming from the bottom of the reservoir), you can achieve a new modding highlight looking like a lighttower inside. The lightning module you need in the bottom is already included (LEDs must be ordered separately)

The in-outlet:
If you do not want to use this function you can use one thread above as inlet, so that the water runs into the reservoir from the bottom. Furthermore you can use that thread as outlet (for example if you do not want to use it with a pump and you want to have inlet and outlet at the same side of the reservoir) or use it for additional LED lightning or temperature sensors.

The outlet:
The fluid is collected in the bottom of the reservoir and due to the multiple hole plate the air goes out of the water very fast and the any cyclone or vortex is avoided. Under the hole plate is an additional basin where the water is stored and sucked from the pump. There is a big G1” thread in which multiple pump adapters can be screwed.

The top:
The top can be unmounted for filling and refilling or the top can be connected with a fillport (fillport not included). This allows an easy and fast filling of the water cooling system.

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