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Alphacool G3/8 to IG1/4 Thread Intake Pump Adapter to 3/8" ID x 1/2" OD Compression Fitting - Chrome (13148) (Eheim 1046 / 1048 / Aquastream)
Part #: ex-tub-2843
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Alphacools's fittings go a new way in looks, quality of manufacturing, colors and choice. The inner diameter of these fittings truly deserves the "high flow“ attribute!

The first three colors, Chrome, Deep Black and Shiny Copper offer something for every taste. The product matching series are designed to look elegant in every system, highlighting the individual design of the computer. The limits are endless with these Alphacool fittings in combination with Alphacool tubing!

With a new process during chromatising the surface finish is completely connected with the brass body, hence ensuring permanent intense colors and peeling of the chrome layer. The Alphacool name in blue lettering on some of the fittings additionally underlines the individuality of these items.

*Functionality of this connector: This fitting is designed for connection of 13/10mm tubing to the inlet on an Eheim 1046/48 pump. Additional adapters for integration of the pump into the cooling loop hence become obsolete. Additionally featuring a 90° angle and free revolvability, the fitting is ideal for easy tubing connection.

*Please note: Do not insert the connector ''dry'' as the O-ring twists when dry and may not provide a safe seal. Therefore please moisten the O-ring before inserting the adapter to prevent any problems.

*Note: Over-tightening the pump adapter can lead to breaking of the plastic casing. Contact of the O-ring gasket and lightly hand-tightening the adapter is sufficient for a safe seal.

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