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Innovatek Graph-O-Matic Rev. 3 Chipset Water Block - Straight - (CLEAR) (501032)
Part #: ex-blc-172
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Graph-O-Matic Rev 3.0 is a high-end graphics cards and chipset cooler and represents the latest evolutionary stage of Graph-O-Matic family Represents the built-XX-Flow flow design has been adapted to obtain maximum cooling and performance. Graph-O-Matic Rev 3.0 fits nearly all video cards (including GeForce FX 4/GeForce - bracket is optional) and chipsets. When mounting on a graphics card, a PCI slot is lost.

M odern graphics cards are now reaching performance areas provide a reliable and above all require effective cooling - which of course is also intended to be quiet. Exactly this is the current graph-O-Matic Rev 3.0 is the first choice. He combines an excellent cooling performance with striking looks and cools well as current high-performance graphics cards reliably and easily. The design of the cooler has been thoroughly revised, and the heat resistance was compared to the already excellent predecessors of Graph-O-Matic cooler again be significantly reduced, resulting in a significantly better performance result.

The attachment is easy using nylon screws which are of course also included in the package. For graphics cards or motherboards without mounting holes, the cooler can also be securely attached with thermal adhesive. Our recommendation to fully exploit the cooling performance is Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive (item number 500068).

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