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Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity System 420 Radiator / Pump / Reservoir Combo - Copper Fins - Eheim Compact 600/230V Pump (33043)
Part #: ex-rad-714
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The airplex modularity system is a fully modular radiator system for water cooling systems. The design and functionality of these shows the expertise and know-how of the ten year history of Aqua Computer. the system is based on a disk pack with 21 copper pipes from the factory and pressed stainless steel flanges. On both sides of the plate pack are Delrin terminals that seal against the stainless steel flanges and are bolted to these.

The Delrin terminals are recessed for the connecting thread and have a round pocket. In this case, a connection adapter can be connected to two radiators mounted without the hassle of using hose connections to directly connect the radiators. Having determined the orientation of the radiators with each other, the coolant flows through one side next to each other when the radiators are connected in series, horizontally stacked radiators are traversed in parallel. In addition, the system can grow indefinitely in length. Optional modules connect the Delrin disc packs together.

The height of the radiators in standard configuration (ie without pump module) is 63.5 mm and the length is 44 mm longer than the respective fans (eg 3x 120 mm = 360 +44 = 404 mm).

The single circuit design allows the entire radiator to be used for one loop. Optional delrin end plates will be available optionally to split into a dual circuit allowing the same radiator to be used for multiple loops. This is an industry first!

Finally a mounted radiator with expansion tank and pump, ready for installation!

Note: Pump Included! NOT FOR USE IN USA, runs on 230V voltage.

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