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Thermalright Archon IB-E X2 Eight Heatpipe Universal CPU Tower Cooler (Sockets 775 / 115x / 1366 / 2011 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3)
Part #: cpu-tri-103
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With the Archon IB-E X2 we present a revised version of one of the most powerful single tower coolers in the world. In the most recent edition the heatsink has been modified to meet current customer requirements. The Archon IB-E X2 uses a dual-fan design, which has been optimized for the needs of the most demanding users. True to the motto "innovated - not imitated" the current flagship of the cooler series makes use of innovative new features to improve an already excellent product even further.

To ensure the best possible compatibility with motherboards and cases, the aluminum fins of the revised Archon are now staggered. Once more we are able to prove that we are happy to respond to the suggestions of the fan community. The revised design ensures that the top PCIe slot on ATX motherboards is no longer blocked by the heatsink.

On the other side the heat sink does not protrude beyond standard ATX motherboards, which also excludes incompatibilities with fans mounted under the top cover or power supplies installed at the top of the case. Finally we were able to reduce the total height of the Archon IB-E X2 by approximately 5 mm, which means, the cooler can now also be used in Midi Towers, for which the predecessor was simply too high.

The effective cooling area of the heat sink - with the dimensions of 150 x 125 mm - ensures that the air flow of the two 140 mm fans almost completely passed through the cooling fins, and thus the maximum cooling effect can be achieved. Naturally, any conventional 120 or 140 mm fan can be combined with the Archon IB-E X2. The relatively shallow depth of the cooler of just 55 mm (without the fans) ensures that even high RAM-modules can easily be used – regardless of whether 4 or 6 slots are available.

The ball-bearing fans are temperature controlled (PWM) - the speed ranges from 900 - 1,300 rpm, depending on the temperature of the CPU. The use of two fans means that both fans can work in most cases almost idle. By using two fans both TY-141 will be working at idling speeds most of the time. At the minimum speed of 900 rpm, the TY-141 reach 28.3 CFM air flow, at the maximum speed of 1,300 rpm the TY 141 each pump an impressive 73.6 CFM through the heatsink. A Y-cable is supplied to regulate both fans over a single PWM fan connector of the motherboard.

To guarantee a most silent operation, the TY-141 uses seven special "torpedo" style blades. In conjunction with the optimized wings and the streamlined frame design, this allows for a very effective and also particularly quiet air flow. Two pairs of fan clips for fans with 120mm mounting holes are included. Thus, conventional 120 mm fan can be mounted as well, such as all models of our 140 mm TY fan-family.

The heatsink features eight sintered high-end heat pipes to dissipate the processor heat very quickly. In connection with the two TY 141 fans all current processors can be cooled effectively. Thus, the Archon IB-E X2 offers a far superior cooling performance, which further consolidates its leading position among the top single tower models.

The base of the cooler features a slightly convex shaped support surface. The design, first developed by us several years ago, has been "borrowed" from various other manufacturers since. In comparison to flat surfaces, the convex shape further optimizes the cooling performance - especially on Intel systems.

The Archon IB-E is, of course, multiplatform compatible and comes with mounting material for all common processors. Owner of Intel LGA 775/1366/1155/1156/2011/1150 motherboards can use the cooler as well as users of AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+.

Included is the high-quality Chill Factor III thermal paste in a convenient 2 gram syringe.

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**ATTANTION! THIS ITEM CAN NOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE USA ANY ORDERS AS SUCH WILL BE CANCELED. @Directions: Tear tab from trigger assembly. Insert extension tube. Hold can in upright position. Spray in short even bursts. Conquer Europe. (Last direction optional.) @Recommended For: Computers Notebooks Keyboards Desk Tops Sewing Machine...
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 Coollaboratory Liquid PROCoollaboratory Liquid PRO
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 Coollaboratory Liquid CopperCoollaboratory Liquid Copper
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 IC Diamond "7 Carat" CompoundIC Diamond "7 Carat" Compound
IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound maximizes thermal heat transfer between the CPU core and heatsink by taking advantage of diamond's superior thermal conductivity Purified synthetic diamond has a thermal conductivity of 2000-2500 W/mK compared to 406-429 W/mK for pure silver. Diamond's five times better thermal conductivity compared to si...
 Phobya HeGrease - 1.0gPhobya HeGrease - 1.0g
The Phobya HeGrease Extreme Thermal Paste is king of it's class with an 8.5W/mK thermal transfer rate. Phobya HeGrease Extreme is easy to work with allowing for the thinnest of layers to be applied. Phobya HeGrease Extreme comes in a 1.0 gram syringe style tube.
 Prolimatech PK-1 Nano-1 gramProlimatech PK-1 Nano-1 gram
The Prolimatech PK-1 Nano Aluminum Thermal Compound is thermal compound that is entirely environmentally safe and recyclable. Even with that being said it is at the head of the pack as far as performance and is very easy to apply. The 1 Gram is easily enough for a generous single application (with mistakes).
 Scythe Thermal Elixer-(SCYTE–1000)Scythe Thermal Elixer-(SCYTE–1000)
Scythe Thermal Elixer High Performance Thermal Grease creates an optimal heat transfer between GPU / CPU and heatsink. Through the practical tube users can easily dispense and apply the thermal grease. Compared to the standard Scythe thermal grease included in the Scythe CPU Cooler Package a performance increase can be observed by approximately 5...
 Shin-Etsu X23-7783D - 0.5gShin-Etsu X23-7783D - 0.5g
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 Shin-Etsu X23-7783D - 1gShin-Etsu X23-7783D - 1g
Shrinking die and increasing power demands continue to make the thermal solution a critical part of IC package design. Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s X23-7783D thermal interface material improves performance by enabling packages to run cooler without sacrificing reliability. The ability of X23-7783D to dissipate heat enables users to reduce the overall cost o...
 Sunbeam GI-1 Glacius - 3.5gSunbeam GI-1 Glacius - 3.5g
The Sunbeamtech Glacius Thermal Grease improves the efficiency of your cooling system. It can easily be cleaned from CPUs and heatsinks and it will not leave a sticky residue on your hands.Both non-toxic and non-conductive.
 Swiftech Tim-Mate 2 - 4gSwiftech Tim-Mate 2 - 4g
Tim-Mate™ 2 is a high-performance carbon micro-particle based non-conductive and non-capacitive thermal compound. It is completely safe to use in all electronic component applications. The product is formulated for easy application rapid cure time (less than an hour) and it doesn't degrade over time.
 Thermalright Chill Factor 2Thermalright Chill Factor 2
The Thermalright Chill Factor 2 Non-Conductive Thermal Paste is Thermalright's high performance thermal compound. Chill Factor 2 offers long lasting performance better adhesive and an applicator card for an accurate and non-messy application.
 Thermal TapeThermal Tape
Thermal tape is one of the easiest thermal interface materials to apply between your cpu and heatsink to help cool your processor. Simply peel a square apply it between your CPU and heatsink and you're ready to go. A simple yet low-cost way to improve your computer systems thermal efficiency.

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 Noctua NA-SCW1 Single UseNoctua NA-SCW1 Single Use
The NA-SCW1 is one individually packed NA-CW1 cleaning wipes for removing thermal compounds such as Noctua NT-H2 and NT-H1. Pre-moistened with a custom detergent mixture these wipes are ideal for cleaning CPUs GPUs and the contact surface of heatsinks in a quick and efficient manner. Thanks to their large size (15x12cm) one pad is usually enough...
 Arctic Silver ArctiCleanArctic Silver ArctiClean
Introducing ArctiClean from Arctic Silver the first retail product to emerge from the union of Arctic Silver and Nanotherm technology. ArctiClean is a two-step cleaning process that removes existing thermal grease or pads and prepares the thermal surface for a fresh application of thermal interface material.
 FrozenCPU Deluxe Heatsink Lapping KitFrozenCPU Deluxe Heatsink Lapping Kit
Now introducing the FrozenCPU Deluxe Heatsink Lapping Kit! What is a lapping kit? A lapping kit is a varying set of sandpaper ranging from 400 grit to 2500 grit designed to help provide a flatter surface for your heatsink. Why should the surface be as flat as possible? Chances are your heatsink has a decently flat surface enough to get you by. ...
 Reusable Thermal Paste WandReusable Thermal Paste Wand
The easiest way to mix and apply thermal paste is using a piece of plastic. Now you can have a dedicated wand just for this. After using just wipe clean and it can be stored with your thermal paste and reused over and over again!
 Thermal Paste Finger Cots(4 Pack)Thermal Paste Finger Cots(4 Pack)
The Thermal Paste Finger Cots (4 Pack) is an easy solution to applying thermal paste without getting compound all over yourself. With these you have the control of using your direct finger to apply the compound without the mess! Sold as a four pack!
 Isopropyl Alcohol SwabIsopropyl Alcohol Swab
Make cleaning your chipset or CPU easier. Now a single use alcohol pad makes installation easy. No reason to get a ton of cleaner if you don't plan to do heatsink changes frequently. These single use disposable thermal paste remover pads will get off the old residue allowing you to reset your heatsink and be done!

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