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Mod/Smart Kobra MAX Pre-Sleeved ATX Female to Female Extension Wire - 24" - Red (KMX-A24FF-R)
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The Mod/Smart Kobra MAX Pre-Sleeved ATX Female to Female Modular Cable Wire takes the guess work and labor out of sleeving your own cables. Now you can create your own color patterns as easy as snapping in the wires.

These wires are pre-sleeved with Kobra MAX High Density Paracord ensuring you have great color vibrance as well as no heatshrink! All paracord is crimped directly over the paracord.

This wire is compatible with 6-Pin PCI-E, 8-Pin PCI-E, 4-Pin EPS 12V, 8-Pin EPS 12V, 20-Pin Mainboard and 24-Pin Mainboard connectors.

This is the Female to Female version used for swapping select PSU stock cable wires. A ton of newer modular PSUs are using ATX female pins on both sides of their cables. This makes them near impossible to replace without a ton of work.... OR WAIT!! Now simply swap the wires out for the colors you want. Do half of them, swap in a new pattern. The variations are endless really.

Video shows Male to Female versions but the process is the same!

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