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Enzotech BMR-C1 Memory Ramsinks - 14mm x 14mm x 14mm - 8 Pack - Black (BMR-C1-LE)
Part #: vid-255
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The Enzotech BMR-C1 Memory Ramsinks were designed to offer exceptional heat dissipation for video card memory chips. The heatsinks are made using a forged copper process which produces a dense material that is extremely efficient at heat dissipation. The Enzotech BMR-C1 sinks are far superior to traditional heat sinks currently found on the market and provide the best thermal conductivity available.

Caution: The following situation can result in the heatsink falling off the Memory Chips:
  • Chip surface was not properly cleaned prior to affixing heatsink.
  • Thermal tapes cannot be reused. If the heatsink must be removed, do not use the same thermal tape to re-attach it. Both surfaces must be completely cleaned and a new thermal interface tape must be applied.
  • When cleaning mating surface, be sure to follow directions supplied with cleaning product to insure safety for yourself and others.
  • Do not swallow and keep contents away from children.

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