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Coollaboratory Liquid PRO Thermal Interface Material
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Cool Laboratory Liquid PRO consists of 100% liquid metal - the metal remains liquid at ambient temperature. The Liquid PRO paste has a heat transfer rate over nine times that of conventional thermal compounds!

Liquid PRO does not contain any non-metallic additives such as silicone. Due to this composition it out performs the best thermal compounds on the market by a factor 9.

The liquid metal behaves similar to mercury. Application of the thermal compound should be done with a small, lint-free brush to distribute the compound evenly across processor or heat sink. After installation the Liquid PRO will mature in 48 hours. It solidifies at that time and achieves its optimal cooling performance.

When applying Liquid Metal, a little more care is necessary compared to the application of conventional pastes. If you are inexperienced in dealing with computer hardware you may wish to pick another paste that has less performance and less potential risks. (Liquid PRO is electrically conductive)

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