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Mechatronics 120x120x38mm High Speed AC Fan w/ 36" Power Cord (UF12A12-BTHR)
Part #: fan-ac-03
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The Mechatronics 120x120x38mm High Speed AC Fan w/ 36" Power Cord runs on standard 115V AC household electricity. With the ever growing Home Theater industry and media computer comes the need for more cooling. Here is a simple way to add cooling to any cabinet or theater stand that is heating up. This fan plugs directly into the wall and needs no other power source.

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Add An Optional Controlling Power Cable
 Power Cable w/ Manual Speed ControlPower Cable w/ Manual Speed Control
The AC Fan Power Cable w/ Manual Speed Control is designed to give you complete control of the AC fan from off to full power. This cable is great for entertainment center applications enclosed computer desk cabinets and anywhere you want to fine tune your AC fan with the twist of the knob!
 Power Cable w/ Thermostat ControlPower Cable w/ Thermostat Control
The Fantec Thermostat Controlled AC Fan Cable allows your AC fan to be used only when needed. This cable allows power to the fan as the ambient temperature approaches 88 F. Once the temperature lowers back down below 80 F the power to the fan is turned off. This power saving cable is perfect for entertainment stands media cabinets and othe...

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