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Enzotech BCC9 Memory Ramsinks - 14mm x 14mm x 9mm - 8 Pack BCC9(BMR-C1L)
Part #: vid-106
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The Enzotech BCC9 Memory Ramsinks were designed to offer exceptional heat dissipation for video card memory chips. The heatsinks are made using a forged copper process which produces a dense material that is extremely efficient at heat dissipation. The Enzotech BCC9 sinks are far superior to traditional heat sinks currently found on the market and provide the best thermal conductivity available.

Caution: The following situation can result in the heatsink falling off the Memory Chips:
  • Chip surface was not properly cleaned prior to affixing heatsink.
  • Thermal tapes cannot be reused. If the heatsink must be removed, do not use the same thermal tape to re-attach it. Both surfaces must be completely cleaned and a new thermal interface tape must be applied.
  • When cleaning mating surface, be sure to follow directions supplied with cleaning product to insure safety for yourself and others.
  • Do not swallow and keep contents away from children.

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