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AcoustiPack ULTIMATE Professional Sound Dampening Pack (APU)
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AcoustiPack ULTIMATE contains both 2- and 3-layered acoustic materials. Comparative small and large scale acoustic tests with alternative single-layer PC sound-proofing materials demonstrate that AcoustiPack multi-layer materials are more effective and safer, whilst still remaining as thin as possible.

2 Layer Materials

The upper layer, immediately opposite the noise source, is a layer of semi-open cell dense acoustic foam which provides a low-reflection surface. This upper layer of foam provides some sound attenuation, especially of higher-frequency sound (>1 kHz). The very dense black limp 'plastic' layer at the base of the 2-layer material is directly attached to the substrate. This layer acts as both an acoustic barrier (effectively attenuating the transmission of sound energy through the material) and as a damping layer, reducing vibration in the substrate (usually a thin steel panel in many PCs and server enclosures).
The 2-layer materials in the AcoustiPack range of kits are 4mm thick. We manufacture thickness greater than 4mm for OEM and manufacturers, but the thickness in the AcoustiPack kits is the thinnest we can produce to facilitate fitting the materials in small and narrow spaces inside modern PC cases.

3 Layer Materials

In our latest generation of 3-layer composite (Patent Pending), the dense acoustic barrier layer has been 'suspended' away from the substrate in the centre of the acoustic foam. The construction layering is like this: (noise source) acoustic foam -> acoustic barrier -> acoustic foam (then the substrate, which is usually a metal sheet panel).
Sound energy first hits the upper foam surface, which is similar to the 2-layer construction, in that it is a low-reflective soundproofing material that is particularly effective at absorbing high frequencies. The sound energy then encounters the central suspended barrier layer, which is decoupled from the substrate. This high-density high-mass layer acts as an acoustic barrier mass to the transmission of energy through the material. The 3rd layer of foam acts to suspend the barrier layer a small distance away from the substrate. We have found from both small scale impedance tube and larger scale reverberation chamber acoustic tests that the 'suspended' central acoustic barrier effectively increases the absorption of low frequency noise (<1 kHz). This may well be a result of the 'mass-spring effect', where low frequency energy is absorbed by the sound 'moving' the layer when it is excited by certain resonant frequencies.
The 3-layer materials are attached by a supported self-adhesive directly to the substrate, and have a damping effect on panel vibrations. (Hit the side of your PC once fitted, and you will hear a dull 'thud' sound).
The 3-layer materials in the AcoustiPack kit range are 7mm thick. We also manufacture these composites up to 13mm thickness (and over if required) for manufactures and OEMs. For example, they have been very successfully used in servers and server cabinets, and tested by many different organizations all over the world since they were first developed.

Note: Please take care to read the installation recommendations before installing this product. These materials are installed at the owners ow risk.

Fitting recommendations are supplied in the User Instructions with the pack, and are available for download here: AcoustiPack™ User Instructions (90Kb)!

You may also like to consider adding AcoustiPack™ EXTRA Foam Blocks (APExtB) to this kit. This will increase the internal surface area of the acoustic materials, and help to absorb extra acoustic energy inside the PC or server case More Details or simply add to your order in the options below!

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 AcoustiPack™ EXTRA: 3 Layer SheetAcoustiPack™ EXTRA: 3 Layer Sheet
The new range of AcoustiPack sound-proofing kits has been designed with our customer's pockets and greater flexibility in mind! As a result we have introduced AcoustiPack EXTRA Sheet (7mm) which is a single large sheet of our latest generation 3-layer acoustic material (as found in ULTIMATE). This sheet is ideal if additional materials are requir...
 AAcoustiPack™ EXTRA - Foam BlocksAAcoustiPack™ EXTRA - Foam Blocks
The new AcoustiPack EXTRA Foam Blocks pack contains 3 acoustic foam blocks. These can be used inside any vacant drive bays to help increase the absorption of unwanted sound energy. Once installed the foam blocks also help to reduce the internal air volume inside your PC or server case which in turn may improve airflow velocity and the cooling per...

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