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Logisys 20" Inverterless True-Color CCFL Light Bar - Side 90 Lighting - Blue
Part #: lit-190
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Say goodbye to the classic cathode tubes!

This True-Color Light Bar uses the most advanced cold cathode lighting technology, which was mainly adapted in LCD /Plasma backlit sources for its sharpness and brightness. By using the newly developed micro inverter built in the light bar, there is no more bulky transformer, inverter or HV wire. This light bar emits life-like true-color natural light with little heat generated, and it is more adaptive and simple in installation as it can be connected directly through the easy grip connector which makes the installation a snap. Just plug and go!

This True-Color Light Bar is a perfect solution for small area lighting such as commercial and residential cabinets, indoor or under roof accent lights etc and for all illumination applications.

FrozenCPU has taken these and made them stock with a 4-pin Molex connector for easy computer application. Just simply connect the wire to a free PSU connection and your illuminated.

Don't be fooled, our kits come with a 4-pin Molex connector!

Note: These light bars do have an inverter, it is just a newer micro version built into the tube housing and needs no other external components like other classic cathode tubes!

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