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12V Laing 18W DDC-3.2T Pump
Part #: ex-pmp-376
Price: $49.99
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Reviewer:ToledoMax (1)
Despite the lack of pwm control its the best bang for your buck pump available. if you need to turn it down hook it up to a fan controller. mine is virtually silent so i dont bother. this is my go to for low profile systems.

Worth it.
Reviewer:Leslie (34)
I prefer DDCs over D5 pumps. This little guy here out powers my Alphacool DDC310 by a long shot. Only thing missing is PWM control... a little loud, and a little toasty but has that DDC power I enjoy. I was not sure if this was truly a Laing pump at first, however the circuit board did have their name on it. The screw threads were a little different on mine than other DDCs stock tops.