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Black SATA 3.0 36" Cable w/ Latch - Straight to Straight (SCIII-36-BK)
Part #: sat-135
Price: $3.25
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Boss Trick
Reviewer:Cat (10)
With banks of SATA drives, the data cables can look untidy, or three simple tricks can be employed. Go long, twist, and boss the cables. With a little encouragement, SATA cables can be wrapped around a dowel about the diameter of a pencil to form a helix, and a double helix can be achieved with a bit more effort. Once twisted, slip a cut to length section of old IDE sheath, gutted coax sheath, or gutted power cable sheath through the helixes, connect one end and work the cables tight around the boss sheath before connecting the other end. The look is tidy tight spirals and smooth transitions can be accomplished with little effort.