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ModRight FilterRight 200mm Black Aluminum Fan Filter (Cooler Master HAF / ATCS 840)
Part #: ffi-48
Price: $9.99
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Effective but bulky and ugly
Reviewer:HAF922 owner (1)
You wouldn''t know it from the pictures: this thing is not flat but almost a 1/2" thick due to the convex dome-shaped screen. Nearly unusable inside the case without modifications. Rather ugly when affixed to the side panel. FYI: I too found the bolts were about 1/4" to short to use with the CoolerMaster MegaFlow 200 that it''s meant to be used with. Good workmanship but flawed design.

A little harder than normal to install but,..
Reviewer:Ed (1)
Once they''re in they do a bang up job. I did the same thing that the previous reviewer did and super glued the filter to front intake fan. The side panel filter didn''t take much effort to install. As long as you have the right mindset when you''re installing these, you and your computer will make it through no worse for the wear.

Alright, but needs improvement.
Reviewer:thisispatrick (1)
Some problems I encountered when I tried to install this on my HAF 932 1. Front intake section- Was hard to fit the filter in there with the fan already in place. I ended up taking the mesh off and just superglue-ing it onto the fan. 2. Side panel- The screws included were not long enough so there was no surface for me to screw the nuts on. I ended up taking the mesh off and super glue-ing that on to the fan as well. Other thoughts- Why did they make this 2 layers instead of 1? There are 8 tiny screws you can take off, removing the mesh from the back frame. They should have just had the mesh on one frame only, that way there is no extra width to the filter. Overall it is an ok product but the people designing this definitely need to try their products out on their "supported" cases as well.