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Akasa 120mm x 25mm Apache Black Super Silent PWM Fan w/ Hydro Dynamic Bearings - Black (AK-FN058)
Part #: fan-675
Price: $15.95
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Great price/performance
Reviewer:MustardOnCheese (2)
These are quieter and less expensive than the Noctua fans I replaced. I also replaced the 2 very loud Corsair AIO fans I had.

Reviewer: Anonymous
These fans work well on a small radiator or all in one cooler. Low temps, low dB, and good static pressure.

Reviewer: ()
The three Ps stand for price per performance. If you value a quiet operation yet want good performance these fit the bill. I have 4 on my h100. They are quiet and move air, what more do you want.

Quiet yet powerful
Reviewer:Methodical (1)
I''ve gone through a few stock fans and aftermarket fans and settled on these. They are quiet, but move a good amount of air. I use a fan controller, which gives me ultimate control of performance and decibels. At full speed, you can barely hear these.

Good fans, but . . .
Reviewer:Richard (2)
Fans move a good amount of air and are quiet. However, 2 out of 10 were bad- one had an open motor winding and one had a defective PWM circuit, causing it to run at full speed continuously. Maybe more quality control is needed?

Perfectly Quiet And Perfectly Functional
Reviewer:Tribalwolf (3)
Extremely quiet and blows a great amount of air. 3 Of them running on my system with barely any audible noise. Wires are a tad short for most systems however a nice sata power to 2 x pwm adapter worked perfectly and helped keep things nice and clutter free.