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Bitspower G 1/4" Temperature Sensor Stop Fitting - Matte Black (BP-MBWP-CT)
Part #: ex-tub-620
Price: $15.99
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Amazingly accurate
Reviewer:mrnuke (21)
It was hard to find any information as to the kind of temperature sensor this device uses. My KGPE-D16 board has a thermistor probe input which is compatible with this sensor. I checked the output of the sensor versus a calibrated mercury thermometer, and found the reading to be within 2 degrees C of the actual temperature. This is amazingly accurate for a sensor at this price.

Works as intended
Reviewer:Jpoirier587 (2)
Not much to say here. It does it''s job and has a cable long enough to reach anywhere.

Reviewer:svthomas (27)
Does its job, and does it well. No leaks, temps seem accurate.