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Lian Li 5.25" Six Fan Controller - Black (PT-FN04B)
Part #: cpa-334
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Price: $18.99
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Doesn''t exactly fit
Reviewer:icatt23 (2)
Bought this for my Cosmos II. The products says it will fit 5.25 inch bays and it will. However, the front part is wider than 5.25 and will not fit all the way in my Cosmos II case. The front sticks about about a half inch so I was unable to use this.

Ok, but a signficant problem
Reviewer:Will G. (4)
The way it secures to the case results in it sliding back into the case - screws don''t fit directly into mounting holes in the optical drive bay. I have a Lian Li PC-90 case.

Good start but...
Reviewer: Anonymous
Build of unit seemed better than average, I had high hopes for this one. Turns out that the channel three control failed after less than one hour. Wont supply current to and only one of the four blue LED''s light up on that channel. Looks like I got a ''lemon'' judging from the other reviews. One other thing, bear in mind the frame is contoured so it might not fit flush in your particular case. It protrudes about an 1/8 inch off my HAF X. Would give this controller a full rating if it weren''t for early failure of my unit.

Works fine on my cheap fans. Not so good on Gentle Typhoon
Reviewer:robble (2)
Works fine on my cheap fans all the way from 1 to 4. My 4250rpm gentle typhoon will stop spinning on a setting of 1.

You get what you pay for, so pay!
Reviewer:sabar (20)
I have used fan controllers in the past. You know, the cheap ones for $19.99 that feel like they are made of plastic. I decided for once to pay a premium and see if it would be worth it. Let me say, yes, it definitely is! The build quality is superb on this. It feels sturdy, from the frame, to the knobs, to the pcb. It looks great on my Corsair 800d and the LEDs are not so bright that they project light onto the opposite wall. FrozenCPU did an awesome job braiding all the wires as well. For pumps or fans, this thing is solid! You won''t have to worry about circuitry burning up in a few months from cheap parts.

Reviewer:Valus (2)
As the Other Reviewers have mentioned This product actualy works as stated, I also purchased the Lamptron FC2 which was a joke, However As usual Lian-Li makes a fine product, The fans turn on without me having to push the controller up to 25% or 50% unlike the lamptron. This controller also doe snot make any highpitched noise and the Molex plugs look alot safer and more reliable. Overall just a better product. Currently have all 6 channels in use, will def purchase another due to the need of having 12+ fans in my case for various things.

Customer Service
Reviewer:pegrod99 (1)
Bought this prodect on the weekend and recieved it on Friday of the same week. FonzenCPU sleeved it for me and looks great. Havent fired up yet but service was super!

Reviewer:flatsixdc (22)
I had the identical experience: the FC-2 was a major fail. This has worked absolutely perfectly with six fans.

Reviewer:Wcchamp (2)
In the world of fan controllers you get what you pay for. I had purchased the Lamptron FC-2 and was disappointed from the start. My review on that product should be available. On the other hand this product works perfectly from the lowest setting to the highest. It is solid, well built and looks great. I even tried it out on five different brand of 120mm fans and it works great on all of them. I have nothing negative to say. BTW, it is installed in my HAF 932 Black case.