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Tygon 2475 Ultra Chemical Resistant Plasticizer Free Tubing - 1/2" ID (3/4" OD) - Clear (ACG00038)
Part #: tub-665
Price: $5.50
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By the name of god, is this stuff stiff...
Reviewer:Abronymous (7)
As I read in the reviews, holy crap is this tubing stiff as a nightmare. I managed to get it to work though. Don''t make my error and soak this tubing in boil dish water. If you can, (if it does anything and has no risk,) boil de-ionized water and soak this tubing. This tubing is meant for large cases. Reason being is because if you use this in the corsair 350d (my go to case for micro atx builds,) and it did not go pretty... I used monsoon chaingun fittings for this tubing and the tubing popped out peridiocally (thankfully pre-water filling) and caused some issues. In micro atx builds, STRICTLY USE ANTI KINK COILS... This tubing is amazing otherwise. I would recommend this 10/10. I have yet to use this tubing for a large build with strong color dye on the liquid cooling.

Does not bend.
Reviewer:Eli (1)
I feel like I wasted $41 on this. It does not bend, at all. No plasticizer=no flexibility. Since it isn''t flexible, it also doesn''t stay on the barb. This might work better with compression fittings, but it should not be used with barbs. I ended up using cheap tubing from my last build.

Very Dissappointed
Reviewer:Leonard (1)
Be warned before buying this tubing, it is unbelievably stiff, and comes horribly bended. Also, for some reason, it''s so tight on the inside as well. All of my 1/2" ID x 3/f" OD fittings were so tight, that the tubing literally slips right off after struggling to get it on, which is a problem anyways because of the tubing being bent from I guess packaging. If you try to unbend it, it kinks and leaves marks as stated by the top comment, because it is so stiff. I will be looking for different tubing, oh and good luck getting a perfect cut with scissors.

Sturdy, but kinks
Reviewer:FadedMaster (14)
Definitely sturdy and durable. You''ll need a tubing/PVC cutter to get clean cuts. But be aware that this does not have that great of a bend radius and when it kinks, you will see a mark in the tubing where it kinked.

stiff, harder to cut
Reviewer:flatsixdc (22)
Much stiffer than the Feser tubing. Not sure if that''s good or bad, but I don''t really like it. And it''s a bit cloudy. If you want crystal clear tubing, this isn''t it. And when you cut it, the material kinda chunks--it does not slice cleanly, even with razer-sharp cutters. In fact the "tube cutter" that I bought from FrozenCPU could barely get through it.

very good tubing....
Reviewer:xDiZtUrBeDx (5)
so far I like it a lot looks great is very ridged compared to the stock hose that comes with swiftech cooling system but still makes the bends and doesn''t kink at all! its well worth the money!