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Corepad Skatez Pro - Logitech Performance/Revolution MX
Part #: pad-189
Price: $1.99
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These blow my old skates away. Better than stock and better than ones from another provider ( The ones from the other provider were a good medium grade and did their job but these are beyond what they provided. In fact these are EXACT FIT where the others were slightly smaller and they were $7 for one set where as these are $10 for 2 sets so I have extras if I ever need to replace them again. My mouse will slide by itself with a 5 degree slant of the pad where the old ones would just sit there. I will actually have to get used to this mouse all over again. These are excellent replacement skates so if you want some serious slickness for your mouse get them. Also I can put more pressure on the mouse and it will slide just as easily as its own weight.