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Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra 100% Metal Thermal Interface Material
Part #: thr-77
Price: $15.49
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THE o n l y Thermal paste THAT ever mattered!
Reviewer:Paul P. (1)
THE o n l y Thermal paste THAT ever mattered! -- that is some statement. I tried a bunch. I feel I dropped a solid 10C with this stuff. NEGATIVES on the amount. I may have wasted it 1st try and shot 7.5ml or 1/2 the syringe on one CPU. I sincerely think COOLLABORATORY could double the cc. Of course this material could be costly. BE prepared on 1st use. The syringe has inertia in it and will shoot the stuff for a distance.....surprise! I did not miss much. TIP: Point the syringe Straight down !!! squeeze cautiously---I will not forget as it is unique stuff.

Best TIM on the market
Reviewer:Clav (4)
I have been using this on my 3960x since the 3960x was released. I recently removed my waterblock for cleaning after 22 months of use, most of it with the pc turned on 24/7. It was still liquid, and I simply used the brush and tiny bit more Ultra and reinstalled the block with no impact on performance. A little goes a long way! 25c ambient 1.4 volts 4.7 ghz 2x 240 rads with gentle typhoon 1150s in push/pull and a 1x140 with push/pull yate loon low speed fans. Idle temp - 25c Gaming/Cinebench/most things - 55c max Prime95 - 65c I saw 4-5c improvement over any other TIM I had tried up to initially installing this, which is why it has been installed so long, there was no need to try anything else... ever.

Best TIm out there
Reviewer:BlueFireIce (2)
Have used bother the pro ad ultra, never noticed anything better from one to the other. But they are both awesome TIMs, Laptop went from 85C (with AS5) under IBT to 78C, desktop dropped 9-10C off max temps. One thing to note, if your HS has a rough base, this can perform WORSE than normal thick TIM as this is so thin it does not fill in the voids, if you lap the base and CPU however, this stuff does even better.

Drops temps good on a delid job
Reviewer:Guitarman (1)
Used on a delidded i5-3570k. Hottest core hits 49c while gaming in 26c ambient temp. Not too hard to apply once it gets started. It wants to roll because it is liquid metal after all, but it gets pastey. Would be nice to get a full syringe. I had enough for the die and maybe enough for another as there was some that leaked in to the cap and dried. Other reviews have said this as well, so I kinda expected it. As long as it holds up I''m overall satisfied.

The very best
Reviewer:Cestessr (3)
My title says it all this stuff surpasses everthing else I have used and I`ve yrird em all I have an Ivy Bridge 3770k ocd to 5.1GHz@4.35v and it idles around 35c full load on Aida64 averages 75c. Now it is delidded running on die custom loop but I have never got those kinda temps with ANYTHING else. Just don`t use it on alum. it will destory

Works well at first, but dries up over time!
Reviewer: ()
At first on my laptop it worked really well, but, Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra isn''t all that good after a year of hard use of nearly 24/7 at about 85 Celsius. In fact, it completely hardens / dries. On my X9100 after 9 months I started seeing high temps and after 1 year auto shut downs while crunching. Turns out it was shutting off because it hit the 105 C thermal protection. Opened it up; thermal compound was as hard as a rock. has to pocket knife blade and sand it down. So for longevity it sucks. I bought a tube of Arctic MX-2, which claims an 8-year durability and decent thermal conductivity. Decent performance and reliability is much better than high performance and unreliable imo.

Amazing TIM
Reviewer: ()
i just remove the IHS of a 3770k and apply this amazing tim, temps droped 22 compared to the original intel tim, that was very amazing and really easy to apply. thank you!!!

The Best,
Reviewer:kodi (1)
I just bought Liquid ultra and its was easier to use than i first thought.My temps on the Amd 8150 at 4.6 OC with 7carat was full load 48-55cels. now with liquidUltra its 40-44 celc. full load at same clock speed. I di lightly coat both processor and heat sink instead of just the processor and its works better than expscted.Will recomend store and and product....

Easy to use and works great!
Reviewer:Roger (3)
I had to replace the fan on an NVIDIA video card which of course required removing the heatsink/fan assembly. After the repair, I put a drop of this liquid metal material on the heatsink where it contacts the GPU chip. It "wet" the copper very nicely and with a paper "rod" (a Q-Tip with the end removed), I distributed the liquid metal over the square area that the GPU contacts. Then I remembered seeing a video somewhere showing that the liquid metal will even wet silicon... so I tried it. I put a tiny bit on the GPU chip itself and it wet nicely (by "wet" I mean like the way solder adheres and flows nicely in a solder joint). So now the GPU chip and the heatsink were "tinned" with the liquid metal. I put the heatsink back on and put the card back into the PC. Now the GPU chip temperature runs about 5 to 8 degrees C cooler than it did ever before and (strangely?) the heatsink itself feels WARMER than it did before. I can only assume that this is because the liquid metal TIM material is conducting the heat away from the GPU a LOT better than the old "goop" did and dumping that heat into the heatsink. In summary... this is GREAT stuff. Super easy to apply and works right away (doesn''t need the "burn-in" process that the "liquid metal pads" need). Two warnings though: (1) The liquid metal material will attack aluminum. If you have an aluminum-only heatsink, do NOT use this stuff. If you have a copper and aluminum heatsink, apply the liquid metal to the copper and avoid getting it on the aluminum. (2) The liquid metal material is electrically conductive, so BE SURE that none drips onto any part of a CPU or GPU chip (or the motherboard) that has circuitry on it as you will create a short circuit and end up needing to buy more parts! :) Great stuff... both thumbs up!

great thermal coollaboratory liquid ultra
Reviewer: ()
So i bought this to use on my overclocked gaming pc, with an e8500 runing at 4.03ghz, and at first i thought my temps wouldnt change but boy was i wrong. with artic silver 5 my tmeps at at idle temp at 33c, full load hit mid 50c to high 50c. with the liquid ultra my temps at idel were the same 33c, and full load were 40c to 47c. i was very impress at happy at the same time. camt wait to use this on my video cards once i get the coolers for them. great purchase, it comes with 2 little brushes to spread it but i would suggest just not using them, and using a qtip instead. great product, cant wait to see how it will help temps on my video cards

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